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9.2 | Another Prayer for Children

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SECTION 9 | Short Forms of Prayer | 9.2 | Another Prayer for Children

Another prayer drawn out of my plain Catechism for Children (which was first published in the year 1703), which will be easy to those children who have learned that Catechism.

O Lord, thou art an infinite and eternal Spirit, most wise and powerful, holy, just, and good.

Thou art the great God that madest the world and art my Creator; and thou that madest me dost preserve and maintain me, and in thee I live and move and have my being. O that I may remember thee as my Creator in the days of my youth and never forget thee.

Lord, give me grace to serve and honour thee, to worship and obey thee, and in all my ways to trust in thee, and to please thee.

Lord, I thank thee for thy holy word, which thou hast given me to be the rule of my faith and obedience, and which is able to make me wise unto salvation.

I confess, O Lord, that the condition which I was born in is sinful and miserable. I am naturally prone to that which is evil, and backward to that which is good, and foolishness is bound up in my heart; and I am by nature a child of wrath; so that if thou hadst not raised up a Saviour for me, I had been certainly lost and undone for ever. I have been disobedient to the command of God and have eaten forbidden fruit.

But, blessed, and forever blessed, be God for the Saviour Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God and the only Mediator between God and man, who took our nature upon him and became man, that he might redeem and save us.

Lord, I bless thee, for his holy life; give me to follow his steps. I bless thee for the true and excellent doctrine which he preached; give me to mix faith with it. I bless thee for the miracles which he wrought to confirm his doctrine; and especially that he died the cursed death of the cross to satisfy our sin and to reconcile us to God; and that he rose again from the dead on the third day and ascended up into heaven, where he ever lives, making intercession for us, and hath all power both in heaven and in earth; and that we are assured he will come again in glory to judge the world at the last day.

Lord, I thank thee that I am one of his disciples; for I am a baptized Christian; and I give glory to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, in whose name I was baptized.

Lord, be thou in Christ to me a God and make me one of thy people.

Be thou my chief good and highest end; let Jesus Christ be my Prince and Saviour; and let the Holy Ghost be my sanctifier, teacher, guide, and comforter.

Lord, enable me to deny all ungodliness and worldly, fleshly lusts, and live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world, always looking for the blessed hope.

Work in me repentance towards God and faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ; and give me to live a life of faith and repentance.

Lord, make me truly sorry that I have offended thee in what I have thought and spoken and done amiss, and give me grace to sin no more.

And enable me to receive Jesus Christ, and to rely upon him as my Prophet, Priest, and King, and to give up myself to be ruled and taught and saved by him.

Lord, grant unto me the pardon of my sins, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and eternal life.

And give me grace to manifest the sincerity of my faith and repentance, by a diligent and conscientious obedience to all thy commandments.

Enable me to love thee with all my heart, and to love my neighbor as myself.

Give me grace always to make mention of thy name with reverence and seriousness, to read and hear thy word with diligence and attention, to meditate upon it, to believe it, and to frame my life according to it.

Lord, grant that I may receive all thy mercies with thankfulness, and bear all afflictions with patience and submission to thy holy will.

Lord, grant that my heart may never be lifted up with pride, disturbed with anger, or any sinful passion; and that my body may be never defiled with intemperance, uncleanness, or any fleshly lusts; and keep me from ever speaking any sinful words.

Lord, give me grace to reverence and obey my parents and governors; I thank thee for their instructions and reproofs; I pray thee, bless them to me and make me in every thing a comfort to them.

Lord, pity, help, and succour the poor, and those in affliction and distress.

Lord, bless my friends, forgive my enemies, and enable me to do my duty to all men.

Wherein I have in any thing offended thee, I humbly pray for pardon in the blood of Christ and grace to do my duty better for the time to come, and so to live in fear of God, as that I may be happy in this world and that to come.

Lord, prepare me to die and leave this world: O save me from that state of everlasting misery and torment, which will certainly be the portion of all the wicked and ungodly, and bring me safe to the world of everlasting rest and joy with thee and Jesus Christ.

And give me wisdom and grace to live a holy, godly life, and to make it my great care and business to serve thee, and to save my own soul.

All this I humbly beg in the name and for the sake of Jesus Christ, my blessed Saviour and Redeemer, to whom with thee, O Father, and the eternal Spirit, be honour, glory, and praise, henceforth and for evermore. Amen.

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