A Method for Prayer  | Section 8 |  Occasional Addresses

8.10 | For the Baptism of a Child

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SECTION 8 | Occasional Addresses | 8.10 | For the Baptism of a Child

Upon occasion of the baptism of a child.

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To thee, O God, whose all souls are, the souls of the parents and the souls of the children, Ezekiel 18:4(KJV) we present this child a living sacrifice, which we desire may be holy and acceptable, Romans 12:1(KJV) and that it may be given up and dedicated to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Matthew 28:19(KJV)

It is conceived in sin, Psalm 51:5(KJV) but there is a fountain opened; O wash the soul of this child in that fountain, Zechariah 13:1(KJV) now it is by thine appointment washed with pure water. Hebrews 10:22(KJV)

It is one of the children of the covenant, Acts 3:25(KJV) one of the children that is born unto thee, Ezekiel 16:20(KJV) it is thy servant, born in thy house; Psalm 116:16(KJV) O make good thy ancient covenant, that thou wilt be a God to believers and to their seed; Genesis 17:7(KJV) for this blessing of Abraham comes upon the Gentiles, and the promise is still to us and to our children. Acts 2:39(KJV)

Thou hast encouraged us to bring little children to thee; for thou hast said that of such is the kingdom of God. Mark 10:14(KJV) Blessed Jesus, take up this child in the arms of thy power and grace, put thy hands upon it and bless it; Mark 10:16(KJV) let it be a vessel of honour, sanctified and meet for the Master’s use, 2 Timothy 2:21(KJV) and owned as one of thine in that day when thou makest up thy jewels. Malachi 3:17(KJV)

O pour thy Spirit upon our seed, thy blessing upon our offspring, that they may spring up as willows by the water-courses, and may come to subscribe with their own hands unto the Lord and to surname themselves by the name of Israel. Isaiah 44:4-5(KJV)

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