Matthew Henry’s “Method For Prayer”

Pray Earnestly for National Mercies and the Blessing of the Gospel Ministry in your Nation

Intercession 5.9 | KJV

I must pray earnestly for national mercies.

For the favours of God to my nation and the tokens of his presence among us, as that in which our happiness is bound up.

O the hope of Israel, the Saviour thereof in time of trouble, be not thou a stranger in my land or a wayfaring man that turns aside to tarry but for a night; but be thou always in the midst of your people: We are called by thy name, O leave us not. Though our iniquities testify against us, yet do thou it for thy name’s sake; though our backslidings are many, and we have sinned against thee. Jeremiah 14:7-9(KJV)

Turn us to thee, O Lord God of hosts, and then cause thy face to shine, and we shall be saved. O stir up thy strength and come and save us. Psalm 80:2-3(KJV)

Show us thy mercy, O Lord, and grant us thy salvation; Psalm 85:7(KJV) yea, let that salvation be nigh them that fear thee, that glory may dwell in our land. Let mercy and truth meet together, righteousness and peace kiss each other: Let truth spring out of the earth and righteousness look down from heaven; yea, let the Lord give that which is good: Let righteousness go before him and set us in the way of his steps. Psalm 85:9-13(KJV)

For the continuance of the gospel among us and the means of grace, and a national profession of Christ’s holy religion.

O let the throne of Christ endure for ever among us, Psalm 45:6(KJV) even the place of thy sanctuary, that glorious high throne from the beginning. Jeremiah 17:12(KJV)

Let our candlestick never be removed out of its place, though we have deserved it should, because we have left our first love. Revelation 2:4-5(KJV) Never do to us as thou didst to thy place which was in Shiloh, where thou didst set thy name at the first. Jeremiah 7:12(KJV)

Let us never know what a famine of the word means; nor ever be put to wander from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth, to seek the word of God. Amos 8:11-12(KJV)

Let wisdom and knowledge be the stability of our times and strength of salvation, and let the fear of the Lord be our treasure: Isaiah 33:6(KJV) Let the righteous flourish among us, and let there be those that shall fear thee in our land, as long as the sun and moon endure, throughout all generations; Psalm 72:5(KJV) that there may be abundance of peace, Psalm 72:7(KJV) and the children which shall be created may praise the Lord. Psalm 102:18(KJV)

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