Matthew Henry’s “Method For Prayer”

Pray for the Nations of the World and for your Own Nation

Intercession 5.8 | KJV

For the nations of Europe and the countries about me.

Thou, Lord, art the Governor among the nations: Psalm 22:28(KJV) Who shall not fear thee, O King of nations? Jeremiah 10:7(KJV) Thou sittest in the throne judging right; Psalm 9:4(KJV) judge the world therefore in righteousness, and minister judgment to the people in uprightness. Psalm 9:8(KJV)

Lord, hasten the time when thou wilt make wars to cease to the ends of the earth; Psalm 46:9(KJV) when nation shall no more lift up sword against nation, nor kingdom against kingdom, but swords shall be beaten into plough-shares, and spears into pruning-hooks, and they shall not learn war any more. Isaiah 2:4(KJV)

Make kings nursing fathers, and their queens nursing mothers, to the Israel of God. Isaiah 49:23(KJV)

And in the days of these kings, let the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed, even the kingdom of the Redeemer. Daniel 2:44(KJV) And whatever counsels there are in men’s hearts, Lord, let thy counsels stand, Proverbs 19:21(KJV) and do thou fulfil the thoughts of thy heart unto all generations. Psalm 33:11(KJV)

For my own land and nation, the happy islands of Great Britain and Ireland, which I ought in a special manner to seek the welfare of, that in the peace thereof, your church in this land may have peace.

I must be thankful to God for his mercies to my land.

I bless thee that thou hast planted me in a very fruitful hill, Isaiah 5:1(KJV) and hast not made the wilderness my habitation or the barren land my dwelling, Job 39:6(KJV) but the land I inhabit yields her increase. Psalm 85:12(KJV)

Lord, thou hast dealt favourably with my land. Psalm 85:1(KJV) I have heard with my ears, and my fathers in the faith have told me, what work thou didst for your church in their days, and in the times of old; Psalm 44:1(KJV) and as I have heard, so have I seen, for I have thought of thy loving-kindness, O God, in the midst of thy temple. Psalm 48:8-9(KJV)

Thou hast given your church a pleasant land, Jeremiah 3:19(KJV) it is Immanuel’s land, Isaiah 8:8(KJV) it is a valley of vision; Isaiah 22:1(KJV) thou hast set up thy tabernacle among us, and thy sanctuary is in the midst of us. Ezekiel 37:26-27(KJV)

We dwell safely under our own vine and fig-tree, 1 Kings 4:25(KJV) and there is peace to him that goeth out and to him that comes in. 2 Chronicles 15:5(KJV)

And because the Lord loved my people, therefore he hath set a good government over us, to do judgment and justice; 1 Kings 10:9(KJV) to be a terror to evil-doers and a protection and praise to them that do well. Romans 13:3(KJV)

I must be humbled before God for my nation’s sins and provocations.

But my nation is a sinful people, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evil-doers; Isaiah 1:4(KJV) and a great deal of reason we have to sigh and cry for the abominations that are committed among us. Ezekiel 9:4(KJV)

Iniquity abounds among us, and the love of many is waxen cold. Matthew 24:12(KJV)

We have not been forsaken nor forgotten of our God, though our land be full of sin against the Holy One of Israel. Jeremiah 51:5(KJV)

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