Matthew Henry’s “Method For Prayer”

Thank God for the Measure of Peace you Experience

Thanksgiving 4.9 | ESV

For our own share in the public plenty, peace, and tranquility.

When I have eaten and am full, I have reason to bless you for the good land that you have given me, Deuteronomy 8:10(ESV) a land which the eyes of the LORD my God are always upon, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Deuteronomy 11:12(ESV)

You make peace in my borders and fill me with the finest of the wheat: Psalm 147:14(ESV) I am delivered from the sound of archers at the watering places; there, therefore, will I repeat the righteous triumphs of the LORD, the righteous triumphs of his villagers in Israel. Judges 5:11(ESV)

I thank you that the powers that are set over me are servants of God for my good; Romans 13:4(ESV) that they seek the welfare of your people and speak peace to all your people. Esther 10:3(ESV)

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