Matthew Henry’s “Method For Prayer”

Thank God for your Successes and Good Relationships

Thanksgiving 4.8 | KJV

For success in my calling and affairs, comfort in relations, and comfortable places of abode.

It is God that girdeth me with strength and maketh my way perfect, Psalm 18:32(KJV) that hath blessed the work of my hands; Job 1:10(KJV) and it may be so, that though my beginning was small, yet my latter end hath greatly increased. Job 8:7(KJV)

My house has been safe from fear, and there hath been no rod of God upon me; Job 21:9(KJV) so that the voice of rejoicing and salvation hath been my tabernacle from day to day. Psalm 118:15(KJV)

With my staff it may be I have passed over this Jordan, and now I am become two bands; Genesis 32:10(KJV) and it is God that setteth the solitary in families. Psalm 68:6(KJV)

If I have lived joyfully with my relations, Ecclesiastes 9:9(KJV) and they have been to me as the loving hind and as the pleasant roe, Proverbs 5:19(KJV) I must give thee thanks for it; for every creature is that to me, and no more, that thou makest it to be.

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