Matthew Henry’s “Method For Prayer”

Thank God for Granting you Recovery from Danger

Thanksgiving 4.6 | ESV

For signal recoveries from danger by sickness or otherwise.

When perhaps there has been but a step between us and death, 1 Samuel 20:3(ESV) and when we have felt that we have received the sentence of death, 2 Corinthians 1:9(ESV) and have been ready to say, “In the middle of our days we must depart; we are consigned to the gates of Sheol for the rest of our years”; Isaiah 38:10(ESV) yet in love you have delivered our lives from the pit of destruction and cast all our sins behind your back. Isaiah 38:17(ESV)

When the snares of death have encompassed us and the pangs of Sheol have laid hold on us, we have called on the name of the LORD and have found that gracious is the LORD, and righteous, yes, our God is merciful; we have been brought low, and he has saved us, Psalm 116:3-6(ESV) and has delivered our souls from death, our eyes from tears, and our feet from stumbling. We will therefore walk before the LORD in the land of the living. Psalm 116:8-9(ESV)

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