Matthew Henry’s “Method For Prayer”

Bewail your False Security, Fretfulness, and Impatience

Confession 2.9 | NIV

My security and unmindfulness of the changes I am liable to in this world.

I have put off the evil day, Amos 6:3(NIV) and feeling secure have said, “I will never be shaken,” Psalm 30:6(NIV) as if tomorrow will have to be like today, or even far better. Isaiah 56:12(NIV)

I have encouraged myself to take life easy; to eat, drink, and be merry, as if I had plenty of good things laid up for many years, when perhaps this very night my life will be demanded from me. Luke 12:19-20(NIV)

I have been ready to put my hope in wealth, rather than in God; 1 Timothy 6:17(NIV) to put my trust in gold, and say to pure gold, “You are my security.” Job 31:24(NIV)

My fretfulness and impatience and murmuring under my afflictions, my inordinate dejection and distrust of God and his providence.

When you have disciplined me, and I have been disciplined, I have been like an unruly calf; Jeremiah 31:18(NIV) and though my own folly has ruined my life, yet my heart has raged against the LORD; Proverbs 19:3(NIV) and thus, in my time of trouble I have become even more unfaithful to the LORD. 2 Chronicles 28:22(NIV)

I have either despised the LORD’s discipline or resented his rebuke; Proverbs 3:11(NIV) and if I falter in times of trouble, how small is my strength. Proverbs 24:10(NIV)

I have said in my alarm, “I am cut off from your sight!” Psalm 31:22(NIV) and, “The LORD has forsaken me, my God has forgotten me”; Isaiah 49:14(NIV) as if God would never show his favor again, Psalm 77:7(NIV) as if he had forgotten to be merciful and had in anger withheld his compassion.  This has been my infirmity. Psalm 77:9-10(NIV)

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