Matthew Henry’s “Method For Prayer”

Lament and Confess your Sins of Omission

Confession 2.6 | KJV

I must lament and confess my omissions of my duty, my neglect of it and triflings in it; and that I have done so little since I came into the world of the great work I was sent into the world about, so very little to answer the end of my creation or of my redemption, of my birth and of my baptism; and that I have profited no more by the means of grace.

I have been as a fig-tree planted in the vineyard, and thou hast come many years seeking fruit from me but hast found none; and therefore I might justly be cut down and cast into the fire for cumbering the ground: Luke 13:6-7(KJV) Thou hast come looking for grapes, but behold wild grapes; Isaiah 5:4(KJV) for I have been an empty vine bringing forth fruit unto myself. Hosea 10:1(KJV)

I have known to do good, but have not done it. James 4:17(KJV) I have hid my Lord’s money, Matthew 25:18(KJV) and therefore deserve the doom of the wicked and slothful servant. Matthew 25:26(KJV)

I have been an unfaithful steward that has wasted my Lord’s goods, Luke 16:1(KJV) for one sinner destroys much good. Ecclesiastes 9:18(KJV)

Many a price hath been put into my hand to get wisdom, which I have had no heart to, Proverbs 17:16(KJV) or my heart hath been at my left hand. Ecclesiastes 10:2(KJV)

My childhood and youth were vanity, Ecclesiastes 11:10(KJV) and I have brought my years to an end, as a tale that is told. Psalm 90:9(KJV)

I have not known or improved the day of my visitation; Luke 19:44(KJV) have not provided meat in summer nor gathered food in harvest, though I have had guides, overseers, and rulers. Proverbs 6:7-8(KJV)

I am slow of heart to understand and believe; Luke 24:25(KJV) and whereas for the time I might have been a teacher of others, I am yet to learn the first principles of the oracles of God: have need of milk and cannot bear strong meat. Hebrews 5:12(KJV)

I have cast off fear and restrained prayer before God; Job 15:4(KJV) have not called upon thy name, nor stirred up myself to take hold on thee. Isaiah 64:7(KJV)

I have come before thee as thy people come and have sat before thee as thy people sit and have heard thy words, when my heart at the same time has been going after my covetousness. Ezekiel 33:31(KJV) And thus have I brought the torn and the lame and the sick for sacrifice; have offered that to my God which I would not have offered to my governor; Malachi 1:8(KJV) and have vowed and sacrificed to the Lord a corrupt thing, when I had in my flock a male. Malachi 1:14(KJV)

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