Matthew Henry’s “Method For Prayer”

Consider your Evil Sins in Light of the Corrections you have Received and the Vows you have Made

Confession 2.17 | NIV

The greater afflictions I have been under for sin, the greater is the sin if I go on in it.

You have struck me, but I have not grieved; I have refused correction and have made my face harder than stone, Jeremiah 5:3(KJV) and the rod has not driven the folly out of my heart. Proverbs 22:15(NIV)

You have punished me with the rod of men and with floggings inflicted by men, 2 Samuel 7:14(NIV) yet I have not returned to you who struck me, nor have I sought the LORD Almighty. Isaiah 9:13(NIV)

When some have been overthrown as Sodom and Gomorrah were, I have been like a burning stick snatched from the fire; yet I have not returned to you, O LORD. Amos 4:11(NIV) And when your hand has been lifted high, I have not seen it. Isaiah 26:11(NIV)

The more vows and promises I have made of better obedience, the greater has been my sin.

I have not fulfilled the terms of the covenant which I have made before you; Jeremiah 34:18(NIV) but being treacherous, I have betrayed with treachery. Isaiah 24:16(NIV)

Did I not say, “I would not transgress, Jeremaih 2:20(KJV) I would offend no more?” Job 34:31(NIV) I did, and yet I have returned with the dog to its vomit; 2 Peter 2:22(NIV) I have returned to folly after God has promised peace. Psalm 85:8(NIV)

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