Matthew Henry’s “Method For Prayer”

Acknowledge that Sin is an Affront to the Holy God and Damages the Soul

Confession 2.14 | NIV

The offense which by sin I have given to the Holy God.

I have dishonored God by breaking the law, Romans 2:23(NIV) and have spurned the Holy One of Israel, Isaiah 1:4(NIV) and bitterly provoked him to anger. Hosea 12:14(NIV) And many a thing that I have done has displeased the LORD. 2 Samuel 11:27(NIV)

God has been grieved by my adulterous heart and my eyes that have lusted after my idols. Ezekiel 6:9(NIV)

I have tested him and tried him and angered him in the wilderness; Psalm 95:9-10(NIV) have rebelled, and grieved his Holy Spirit, Isaiah 63:10(NIV) and pressed him with my iniquities, as a cart is pressed when loaded with grain. Amos 2:13(KJV)

I have grieved the Holy Spirit of God, with whom I was sealed for the day of redemption. Ephesians 4:30(NIV)

The damage which by sin I have done to my own soul and its great interests.

By my sins I have sold myself; Isaiah 50:1(NIV) and in sinning against you, I have wronged my own soul. Proverbs 8:36(KJV)

My iniquities have separated me from my God, Isaiah 59:2(NIV) and have deprived me of good; Jeremiah 5:25(NIV) and by them, my mind and conscience have been corrupted. Titus 1:15(NIV)

My own wickedness has punished me, and backslidings have rebuked me; and I cannot but consider and realize how evil and bitter it is for me when I forsake the LORD my God and have no awe of him. Jeremiah 2:19(NIV)

O what fools are they who mock at sin! Proverbs 14:9(KJV)

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