Matthew Henry’s “Method For Prayer”

Bewail your Sins of the Tongue and Spiritual Sloth

Confession 2.11 | KJV

My tongue sins.

In the multitude of my words there wanteth not sin, Proverbs 10:19(KJV) nor can a man full of talk be justified. Job 11:2(KJV)

While the lips of the righteous feed many, Proverbs 10:21(KJV) my lips have poured out foolishness, Proverbs 15:2(KJV) and spoken frowardness. Proverbs 10:32(KJV)

Much corrupt communication hath proceeded out of my mouth; that foolish talking and jesting which is not convenient, Ephesians 5:4(KJV) and little of that which is good and to the use of edifying, and which might minister grace unto the hearers. Ephesians 4:29(KJV)

If for every idle word that men speak they must give an account, and if by my words I must be justified, and if by my words I must be condemned, Matthew 12:36-37(KJV) woe unto me, for I am undone; for I am of unclean lips and dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips. Isaiah 6:5(KJV)

What would become of me, if God should make my own tongue to fall upon me? Psalm 64:8(KJV)

My spiritual slothfulness and decay.

I have been slothful in the business of religion and not fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. Romans 12:11(KJV)

The things which remain are ready to die, and my works have not been found perfect before God. Revelation 3:2(KJV)

I have observed the winds, and therefore have not sown; have regarded the clouds, and therefore have not reaped; Ecclesiastes 11:4(KJV) and with the sluggard have frighted myself with the fancy of a lion in the way, a lion in the streets, and have turned on my bed as the door on the hinges, Proverbs 26:13-14(KJV) still crying, Yet a little sleep and a little slumber. Proverbs 6:10(KJV)

I have lost my first love, Revelation 2:4(KJV) and where is now the blessedness I sometimes spoke of? Galatians 4:15(KJV)

My goodness hath been as the morning cloud and the early dew which soon passeth away. Hosea 6:4(KJV)

And that which is at the bottom of all is the evil heart of unbelief in me, which inclines me to depart from the living God. Hebrews 3:12(KJV)

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