Matthew Henry’s “Method For Prayer”

Praise God for His Heavenly Splendor and Glory

Adoration 1.9 | NIV

I must give to God the praise of that splendor and glory wherein he is pleased to manifest himself in the upper world.

You have established your throne in heaven, Psalm 103:19(NIV) and it is a throne of glory, high and exalted; and before you the seraphs cover their faces. Isaiah 6:1-2(NIV) And it is in compassion to your people that you hold back the face of that throne, spreading your clouds over it. Job 26:9(KJV)

You make your messengers winds, and your servants flames of fire. Psalm 104:4(KJV) Thousands upon thousands of them minister to you, and ten thousand times ten thousand stand before you, to do your pleasure. Revelation 5:11(NIV) They are mighty ones who do your bidding, who obey your word. Psalm 103:20-21(NIV) And I have come by faith and hope and holy love into a spiritual communion with thousands upon thousands of angels and the spirits of righteous men made perfect, even to the joyful assembly and the church of the firstborn, to the heavenly Jerusalem. Hebrews 12:22-23(NIV)

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