Bewail your False Security, Fretfulness, and Impatience


Our security and unmindfulness of the changes we are liable to in this world.

We have put far from us the day of disaster; Amos 6:3(ESV) and in our prosperity have said, “We shall never be moved,” Psalm 30:6(ESV) as if tomorrow will be like this day, great beyond measure. Isaiah 56:12(ESV)

We have encouraged our souls to relax, to eat and drink and be merry, as if we had goods laid up for many years, when perhaps this night our souls may be required of us. Luke 12:19-20(ESV)

We have been ready to set our hope on the uncertainty of riches, more than on the living God; 1 Timothy 6:17(ESV) to say to the gold, “You are our hope,” and to the fine gold, “You are our confidence.” Job 31:24(ESV)


Our fretfulness and impatience and murmuring under our afflictions, our inordinate dejection and distrust of God and his providence.

When you have disciplined us, and we were disciplined, we have been like an untrained calf; Jeremiah 31:18(ESV) and though our own folly has brought our way to ruin, yet our heart has raged against the LORD; Proverbs 19:3(ESV) and thus, in our distress we have become yet more faithless to the LORD. 2 Chronicles 28:22(ESV)

We have either despised the LORD’s discipline or been weary of his reproof; Proverbs 3:11(ESV) and if we faint in the day of adversity, our strength is small. Proverbs 24:10(ESV)

We have said in our alarm, “We are cut off from your sight”; Psalm 31:22(ESV) and, “The LORD has forsaken us, our Lord has forgotten us”; Isaiah 49:14(ESV) as if God would never again be favorable, Psalm 77:7(ESV) as if he had forgotten to be gracious and had in anger shut up his compassion. Psalm 77:9(ESV) This has been our infirmity.

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