Acknowledge the Great Evil of Sin, its Unprofitableness and Deceitfulness


The unprofitableness of sin.

We have sinned and perverted what was right, and it did not profit us. Job 33:27(KJV)

What fruit are we getting from the things of which we are now ashamed? For the end of those things is death. Romans 6:21(ESV) And what are we profited if we should gain the whole world and forfeit our own souls? Matthew 16:26(ESV)


The deceitfulness of sin.

Sin has deceived us, and through the commandment killed us; Romans 7:11(ESV) for our hearts have been hardened by the deceitfulness of sin, Hebrews 3:13(ESV) and we have been lured and enticed by our own desires. James 1:14(ESV)

It has promised us freedom, but has made us slaves of corruption; 2 Peter 2:19(ESV) has promised us that we shall not surely die and that we shall be like God, Genesis 3:4-5(ESV) but it has flattered us and spread a net for our feet. Proverbs 29:5(ESV)

The pride of our heart, particularly, has deceived us. Obadiah 1:3(ESV)

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